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Assalamualaikum.Ya Allah , tolong terus kuatkan aku untuk tunggu dia . Tolong aku Ya Allah , jangan bagi sesiapa ganggu gugat perasaan aku dekat dia . Hati , tolong terus kuat untuk menunggu . Walaupun aku tatahu apa yang akan jadi lepas ni . Aku sendiri tatahu nak describe macam mana perasaan ni . Susah . Sakit . Tolong Hati , tolong jangan terima sesiapa selain dia . Tolong kuat untuk kekal setia dengan dia . Takpe biar dia kalau dia pilih jalan bahagia yang lain .Bahagia hg cuma dia Dyana , cuma dia . Ya Allah kenapa aku jadi macam ni . Kenapa aku tak boleh lepaskan dia lepas apa yang dia dah buat dekat aku :'( 

Tolonglah Ya Allah , kalau dia bukan untuk aku tolong hapuskan dia dari hati aku . Dari minda aku . Dari hidup aku . Kalau dia memang untuk aku tolong aku mohon kembalikan dia balik pada aku . sedih sangat bila rindu dia then flashback balik apa yg pernah kitorang ada dulu . It were all gone . Nothing left :'( Day by day , it is just getting even worst . Until one point i really get this feeling to die and not even appear and be stucked in this situation cuz tbh i really cant stand the pain. Its killing me man killing me.

MAH , now I dont even know you . You had changed a lot . A lot . Seriously . After all this time i cant figure out why I still cant push you out of my mind . Why I still keep you in my heart . There's a lot of unanswered question dude . And everytime I miss you I feel like really want to go to your place and hug you so tight until you got this feeling of how hard and how its hurt when I miss you . Okay now , please please open your eyes, open your heart and see how long I had stay  waiting for you , how many times I had fight for you , all the things I had sacrificed for you . Only for once . Please . While I am still here . While I still love you . While I still have the strength to keep waiting for you .

MAH , I am still holding on the idea that one fine day we'll be together .

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